Frequently asked Questions

How do I book a trial?

Please fill out the form to book a trial. Alternatively you can contact Sam via email or call/text 07709352771

Where can I get the uniform?

All uniform items may be purchased through TDA. Uniform orders are placed once a month. Please click here for the uniform order form. Uniform may be purchased via alternative suppliers, however it must be the uniform specified by TDA.

Do you do exams?

Yes. We enter students for their ISTD examinations in Imperial Classical Ballet, Tap Dance and Modern Theatre. Exams are optional.

Do you run classes in the school holidays?

Our class terms normally run in line with the school terms. We do run Exam coaching and Holiday clubs in the school holidays.

Will my child get to perform in shows?

All students have the opportunity to perform in our showcases as well as community events.

What do I need for the trial?

Please send your child in comfortable clothing such as a T-shirt with joggers/leggings. Soft shoes/trainers or trampoline socks (that have grips on the bottom) may be worn.

Children are allowed to bring a bottle of water in to class.

Am I able to watch the class?

Parents are permitted to watch their child at their trial. After this we ask that parents wait outside. We hold 'watch weeks' where parents are able to come and watch their children.


How much are the classes and how do I pay?

30 minute class = £4.50

40 minute class = £4.75

50 minute class = £5.00

1 hour class = £5.50

A discount is applied to those taking more than one class per week.

Classes are payable termly by Cash or bank transfer.

What if my child does not want to attend anymore?

You will need to notify the principal giving half a term's notice before terminating any class. 

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